Who are we?

Who travels, adds to his life

Omar, of Moroccan nationality, was born on May 05, 1989 in the valley of aitBougummez. As a native Berber (Amazigh), wearing the professional card number 747, he guides groups traveling to Morocco, in French, in English and Spanish. He was born in this country with enchanting landscapes and he particularly knows its mountains and its Atlantic coast, where he often traveled during his childhood. He is always available, patient and rigorous. His curiosity about human nature gives him a great capacity for adaptation. It allows him to mentor people of different cultures and ages, with the same attention, the same interest and the same pleasure.

The guides, camel drivers and mule drivers who accompany him are all from these lands. They always travel together with great happiness with one goal in mind:  your enjoyment. Heirs to traditional recipes, the cooks concoct you local dishes. Rigorously attentive to hygiene, they prepare their recipes with fresh products that they buy themselves. The cuisine is balanced and always in abundance.


  Omar,  mountain and desert guide certified by the C.F.A.M.M. Training center for mountain trades recognized by the state, it is with pleasure that I will help you discover the different regions of Morocco that I know well and to which I am particularly attached. Being born in the region of the Central High Atlas, the highest point M'goun at 4071 m, I will accompany you in fun or sporting activities at your convenience and we will have the pleasure of exchanging discussions in French, English or Spanish, on the local customs of the inhabitants of the country. We offer you solidarity tourism experiences where you inetract with true creators of human events; we favor meetings with families, respecting the culture and traditions of these local populations living in the heart of the sumptuous Moroccan Atlas, which will enchant you throughout every stage of the trip.

For a long time, we have explored Morocco on foot, cars and mountain bikes with an insatiable curiosity and an intact passion. Calm deserts, nomadic paths, summits and imperial cities… we love the planet and those who inhabit it. The smiles from every part of the world and the lights of these great spaces guide our steps and the concept  of our trips: Mark  your trip under the sign of unforgettableness and sharing, with respect to your hosts and the environment

Take part in our guided tours, they take you to particular places that few agencies offer. If you prefer classic places, we show them to you in addition to a perspective on their History.

In each trek and circuits we offer you amazing group visits accompanied by professional guides without breaking the bank. Our thematic tours allow you to discover the diversity of the culture and the imprints of Moroccan History.

We accompany you through places without clichés or empty phrases. With us, you will get to know Morocco in a more intimate and personal way. Through integrating you into the social world  (families, colleagues, weddings), depending on your time, we will satisfy your curiosity and your interests.

Join our guided tours in French, Spanish or English and you will discover the passion for transmission of our guides, graduates of the training center for mountain professions and co-owners of the company. Commitment, passion and empathy are the values that define our offers and services in order to make you have  a unique experience and create unforgettable memories of Morocco.

The atlas is our land and not just a historic place. You are our guests and we want you to explore and enjoy our fascinating country, as we do ourselves.

Our objective : take time, admire, understand, share, exchange, meet,  and even make friends.