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Nomadic lands of the Middle Atlas From 200€

Trekking from Imilchil to Anergui circus

This trekking from Imilchil to the Anergui valley on the nomadic lands of the Middle Atlas, will make you discover the country of the Berber nomads Ait Haddidou of Imilchil, and the Berbers Ait Abdi and Ait Sukhmane installed since the 17th century in the valley of Assif Melloul and Anergui.

From the lake of Isli, located on the high plateaux of Imilchil, we will leave towards the valley of Anergui, passing by the grandiose gorges of the Assif Melloul, and will cross the last great wild spaces of the Atlas, territory of imazighen.

At the end of September, the Imilchil plateau is also the gathering place for the large Berber tribes of the Middle Atlas for the biggest moussem of the year, that of the engaged couple. More than 30,000 nomads gather in Ait Ameur, between Imilchil and Lake Isli, to pray to the holy marabout Sidi Ahmed Oulmaghni, saint protector of the nomadic shepherds and their flocks. Over three days then follow all the events of family life, circumcision of children, engagement and marriage. It is also an opportunity for nomads and sedentary people to meet and party, between songs, music and dances

We will finish this trek on the nomadic lands of the Middle Atlas in the heart of the grandiose circus of Anergui, and the beautiful village of Ait Boulmane. We will spend the night at Tighremt assif Melloul, an ecolodge overlooking the Anergui cirque, between the assif Melloul gorges.

This trek in the Middle Atlas between Imilchil and the Anergui valley is an exclusive Atlas getaway (possible over 12 days)


This region with established nomadic traditions.

The traditions of the Imazighen, the free men of the Atlas


Location: Central High Atlas / Middle Atlas - See the map

Feasible from June to October - Possible custom dates

Groups: 4 people min / max 10

Walking level 2: 5 H / day with average elevation changes

Accompany: guide, cook and mule drivers

Accommodation: On the Bivouac & Ecolodge / Marrakech Hotel *** circuit (Riad option)

Conditions: Accessible to any good walker - With portage


Day 1 - Marrakech

Airport reception and installation at your hotel. Mealson your choice. Night in hotel ***

Accommodation: Hotel ***

Day 2: Imilchil & Lake Isli

Departure for the Middle Atlas and Imilchil. A road leads us through wild landscapes, between holm oaks and junipers, towards the high plateaus and the superb Lake Isli where the team of mule drivers awaits us who will accompany you during your hike. Bivouac

320 KMS / 6H road - Bivouac

Day 3 to Day 6: The gorges of Assif Melloul

During this route, we follow the course of  Assif Melloul which dug deep canyons in the folds of the Atlas.

It is by the bottom of these gorges that we will walk, in the middle of waterfalls and vegetation of Aleppo pines and junipers. We will pass by the village of Oulghazi which opens onto a wide valley rich in cultures. Then for two days, no villages, just a few sheepfolds and increasingly wild landscapes.

We will arrive the fifth day at the small village of Batli where we will install our bivouac at 1600m altitude

During our trek we will have many fords. Depending on the period, if the wadis are in flood, the stages can be diverted by a passage in the mountains.

5-6H walk / day - Elevation + 300m - Bivouac

Day 7: Anergui circus

Small climb to the Dari pass in the middle of a few Aleppo pines and cicada songs.

We descend quietly to Aït Boulmane where we will be warmly welcomed by Said and Fattou at the Tighrent Assif Melloul ecolodge located opposite the Anergui circus and the Assif Melloul gorges. And if you wish, before dinner you can enjoy the hammam and traditional treatments.

4H walk - Elevation + 360m / - 400m - Accommodation: Ecolodge

Day 8: The Anergui Valley

We leave the village of Ait Boulmane by fording the river to take a path towards the sheepfolds of Iqadrene. Lunch in the shade of the walnut trees before going down to the village of Ait Khouya with its beautiful collective granaries surrounded by terraced crops. Meeting with the potter or the blacksmith, characters who are central figures in life