Trekking in Mountains and Desert, Atlantic Coast Circuit, bikes, 4x4 (Cars) and Imperial cities
«From the ruins of Volubilis to the imperial cities, from the Berber villages of the Atlas to the southern deserts, going through the highest peaks…
Escapade Atlas offers you trekking in Morocco in deserts and mountains, hiking, discovery, encounters.

From the Sahara to the Atlantic, from the Mediterranean to the Great South, from the sands of the desert to the snow of the mountains, a Mecca for trekking, getaways, and active discovery!

The Atlas range (700 km in length, 12 peaks over 4,000 m and 400 over 3,000 m) offers some of the most sublime and colorful shows you could dream of. To the rhythm of the hike, it is a delight for the eye, mixing the tender green of the irrigated terraces, the red of the clay slopes, the ocher of the kasbahs, the blond of the barley fields, all under a blue of azure.

Southern Morocco has the whole palette of Saharan reliefs: immense hamadas (plateaus), awe-inspiring seas of sand (ergs), majestic dunes, steep mountains, wadis dotted with tamarisks and green oases with mint scents.

With a team of Berbers (guide, cook) and Sahariens du cru (camel drivers), the hike takes place at a good pace, from crest to crest, from dune to dune, while the caravan threads between the reliefs to reach the camp, in the middle of nowhere, but still hidden in the hollow of the most beautiful dunes.

It’s there, after admiring the sunset from the highest peaks, before forgetting to drink tea - ah tea, essential, obligatory! -, that you will feel so good, far from everything. It is there, under the stars, in the great Saharan silence, when the looks are eloquent and the memories of the day flow, that we then fully absorb the magic of the desert.

Atlantic shores, to meet fishermen, or Great Moroccan South, unique transition between the mountains and the gradual passage to the desert, this is the whole palette of Saharan reliefs: canyons, regs, oases, dunes, etc.

In the green palm groves or the isolated adobe villages, with centuries-old traditions, meetings are frequent with the Berbers, so welcoming. It is true that their legendary hospitality, their dedication, make them very endearing men.

Explore these wild lands, conducive to meeting, alongside its proud men, and share our passion for this contrasting country!

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